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Heading to Africa

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

A lot of people have been asking what my latest project is and why I’m going to Africa, and it’s time to come clean :)

My latest project is called Mazava. We’ve got seed funding to try and create a some beta social software to help manage and prevent infectious disease outbreaks in Africa. The CEO Jay challenged me to take what I know about social software and online community, and apply it to a new problem – reducing harm and saving lives. I’ve accepted his challenge, and I’ll need your help in the coming months to succeed.

I’m headed for my first trip to Africa tonight. I don’t know where I’m going yet, it’s part of the adventure. Jay wants me to learn how to cope with not having all the information. Someone once said the key to success in Africa is being like Columbo, you don’t have any answers – but you’ve always got “just one more question”

To all my friends, I’ll miss you dearly. I’ll be taking pictures and video as much as I can. And yes, I’ll try not to get eaten by lions.

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Jeremiah Owyang says I’m a top Community Advocate

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

Web strategist extrodinaire Jeremiah Owyang put me in a list of his top community advocates in the technology industry, right beside other people I have tremendous respect and love for. What an honor!

Will Pate, Community Ambassador, Flock/Rockstar
Out of all the evangelists out there, I’m likely to be the most jealous of Will Pate. Not because of his dashing good looks, (or so my wife tells me) or that he’s constantly surrounded by the ladies, or stylish garb, it’s because he makes it look so easy. I recently caught up with Will at the Community Next conference in Palo Alto and he described his role at Flock to be part community advocate, and part company evangelists. He helped to bring the requirements together, connect them, and build a better product. Today, Will can be found in Toronto, and he’s switched to a part time role at Flock, what’s next for Will? Greatness I’m sure.

If I make it look easy Jeremy, it’s only because being the community guy fits my personality so well. I’ve tried a lot of roles in the tech industry, and the “community guy” one just sings for me, personally and professionally. :)

As for what’s next for me, well I’ve got cool news coming on that very soon.


Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

25. You’ve got that much time again before 50, and then you’re only half way through life. Wicked.

Plan for a day worth celebrating:

  • interview on CBC radio pei
  • travel immunization round one
  • chatting about saving lives with social software
  • French food (I’m Acadian by blood)
  • being little brother and uncle Will :)

Thanks to everyone, online and everywhere else. It’s been great having so many buds.

Wanted: Nokia N73

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

If anyone is looking to sell their Nokia N73 (unlocked preferably), give me a shout. I want to get one and figure it would be better to put a few bucks in the pocket of one of my readers than some random Craigslister or mall kiosk sales kid.

The Northern Voice Plagues

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been replying to your email, blogging or attending meetings and events; it looks like I’m one of the 20+ people that got sick at Northern Voice. It started with a chest cold on Sunday morning, then Wednesday morning moved to a nasty flu. I think I’m past the worst of it, I can now drink water again.

It’s not all bad though. I did grow a sweet beard, quit smoking while losing the 5 pounds I put on over the holidays, and my abs are in better shape than ever. Sickness: it’s the new Hollywood diet.

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