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Opera Hires Community Leader as Technical Evangelist

Published on 25/10/06
by willpate

Opera Software has hired a community leader as their first Technical Evangelist. Since October 2004, Daniel Goldman has been writing the Opera Watch weblog. I’ve been reading Opera Watch since I joined Flock in March and he does a great job. I’m sure he’ll continue to do so in his new role.

One of the advantages of meeting and speaking to many Opera users is that I’ll get the feel of what features users want added or modified in the browser. I’ll have direct access to our development teams, and I’ll work hard at making sure those features that our users dream of, turn into reality.

Joining Opera Software as a Technical Evangelist » Opera Watch

That’s one of my favorite and the most important parts of my job as Community Ambassador at Flock, Daniel. I hope it’s as enjoyable for you too.

So with all the major web browsers now having “community” people, and my respected colleague Jeremiah even saying that the Internet Explorer team gets community one question comes to mind. Has there ever been a better time to use a web browser? We’re all listening.

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